Awesome Server

SITE UPDATE: I have removed the wiki entries for now. While having a wiki is fun, it seems like a lot of work and it is hard to maintain. Maybe in the future I will add a wiki that everyone can contribute to, but the code is a mess so for now this site is just an informational site.



Welcome to Awesome Server’s website. This website is just a small informational website with rules and other information about the server. Pick a page or category to go to above. Below is a description of the server.

Awesome Server (name pending(?)) is a Minecraft server owned by weirdcease. It was formerly known as Awesome Realm because it was hosted on a realm until April 2022 (it is now a server). It is always on the latest version of Minecraft. It has a whitelist, and you must be a friend of mine or apply to join. The server primarily is a Creative world where people can build and explore, but we also have a Survival world, which we reset from time to time. We also have a live map.

Server Address:

Apply to join in our Discord Server. My discord tag is weirdcease#0001.

More stuff coming soon, as always.

This page last updated on 1/6/23