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Seasons 4 & 5 City


World: Creative Season 4 -> Creative Season 5
Builder(s): dynamite14, ksmeegs, ChefArmor, Admiral Zoster, SodaCity
Build Activity: June-October 2021, January 2022
Style: Large Project - Urban City
Group Associations: None


The City is a city build started by dynamite14 and ChefArmor in summer 2021. Soon, Admiral Zoster and SodaCity joined the project. Briefly, ksmeegs worked on the project. The city was measured and planned to be 6 x 3 buildings. Each building would be 16x16 blocks. Some exceptions were made, but mostly buildings were kept this size.


Beware of drug dealers.

All Buildings (in creation order)

  1. Laundromat with funny apartments above it
  2. Storage warehouse
  3. Restaurant with modern apartment above it
  4. Empty apartment building
  5. Dirt Hotel -> later replaced
  6. Empty Purple Building
  7. SodaCity’s Based Department
  8. Murica Store with car on roof
  9. Laughin’ to the Bank (big)
  10. “Goblin” Green Apartment (small)
  11. Music Store
  12. Jersey Mike’s
  13. Bakery with Modern Baseball Apartment
  14. GAME Arcade from Earthbound + Frank backyard
  15. Heroinz Drug Dealer Alley Place
  16. Portal Building? (alley)
  17. Fever Dream alley building
  18. Ice Cream Store
  19. 7-Eleven
  20. DRIP Clothing Store
  21. Some sort of industrial thing idk
  22. TAWD Fountain



View of the city in Season 5 View of the city in Season 5 Here is the city in Season 5, being worked on, from two different angles.

Diagram with quadrants for structure blocks This is the diagram that dynamite14 made for keeping track of the city copying procedure. He used 7 structure blocks, due to their 48x48x48 limit.

More images coming soon.

Page last updated: 1/31/22