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Garden (Creative Season 5)


World: Creative Season 5
Builder(s): SodaCity, quvio
Build Activity: early February 2022
Style: Terraforming
Group Associations: None


The garden’s basic layout was created by SodaCity in February 2022. The garden is located south of the city in the flat area of Season 5. It originally consisted of an azalea leaf pattern outlining a square path and a fountain in the center. On February 10, 2022, quvio began adding to the garden, as per SodaCity’s request. Quvio’s terraforming skills brought the garden to life, and he added tall grass, flowers, ponds, and other details.


This pretty garden is a peaceful place and is great for enjoying nature, pondering life, or eating borgars.



view of the garden aerial view of the garden sunny tree view garden swing point-of-view view of garden at night

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