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Season 5 Player Statues


World: Creative Season 5
Builder(s): quvio, dynamite14, SodaCity
Build Activity: early February 2022 (WIP)
Style: Pixel Art
Group Associations: None


The player statues were created by their respective players in early February 2022, and are still being worked on. Anyone can add their own statue to the left. The statues are 1:16 renditions of the players’ skins. Each statue has a “brain” inside their head, filled with what they think about or what they enjoy.

Current statues: quvio_, dynamite14, SodaCity

Add your own statue!

To add your own statue, you can start building the legs on the red and white squares. Please build your skin on a scale where one block is one pixel/voxel of your skin. Use the following dimensions:

You can then build what you think would be in your brain (make this funny if you want).


view of the statues from the ground view of the statues from the air

Page last updated: 2/13/22