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Permissions System

On the server exist several plugins that manage permissions. Hopefully this page is explanatory and easy to understand.

OP Levels

No one on the server actually has vanilla permissions (OP). Instead, there are several “groups” which provide levels of permissions.

Due to a few issues, no one has command block access. I am working on finding a workaround so that players in group Creative can get some limited access for creations. Also, permissions are limited in the Nether and the End, and I still need to fix this.

Multi Worlds

There are multiple worlds on the server, including Creative, Survival, and some WIP minigames. Anyone is able to teleport between main worlds by using /tpp creative or /tpp survival. Please note that you cannot teleport between worlds if you are in the Nether or the End of any world; enter the Overworld first. Your location and inventory will be remembered separately in worlds, so /tpp will always teleport you back to where you were, as if you are joining a different server. If there is a bug with the multiple worlds system, please report it to dynamite14 (my Discord is on the homepage).

Teleportation Perms (Creative world only)