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General Rules

Follow these rules on the server at all times. You can just read the main numbered points, but the bullet points are specific parts that are still enforced.

  1. Be kind to people.
    • Generally, follow the Discord server rules when playing on the Minecraft server.
    • Be respectful to people regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.
    • Do not start arguments, and try not to be an asshole.
    • Don’t annoy people by overly teleporting (when applicable) or spamming, etc.
  2. Do not grief builds.
    • Pranking is allowed in some circumstances, but don’t ruin people’s work.
    • Do not modify or add onto others’ builds, even if you think it would improve their build.
    • Don’t grief the landscape either, unless there is a designated area for destruction, or you are really far away.
    • Do not steal items, even in creative mode.
  3. Respect the admins.
    • The owner and admins will settle conflicts between players, and have the final decision.
    • Having permissions does not make you an admin. Admins have the Administrator role in the Discord server.
    • If you want to make an exception (reasonably) to one of these rules, get permission from the owner, CAS.
    • Do not impersonate admins.
  4. Build in a reasonable spot.
    • Do not clutter; make sure to leave space between your build and another build.
    • Do not build in an area if your build will look out of place, like don’t build pixel art in a suburban area.
    • Do not build in the sky or cast shadows on other builds.
    • If building underground, leave space for other underground builds to expand.
  5. Do not kill players or significant entities.
    • Do not kill players without their permission, no matter what method you use.
    • If a non-player entity is part of a build, or seems significant, do not kill it.
  6. Do not generate lag.
    • Remember that not everyone has a fast PC.
    • Do not try to crash the server or build lag machines.
    • Do not blow up large amounts of TNT exceeding 5000 blocks of it, even when permitted to blow stuff up.
    • Beacon beams consistently lower framerates. Disable them when not in use, even when decorative.
  7. Put effort into your builds.
    • It’s okay if you aren’t skilled at building, as long as you still put effort in and try.
    • For example, don’t spam random blocks or build tall towers of blocks.
    • Builds that are clearly low-effort will be removed without warning.
  8. Do not try to continue projects or systematic builds.
    • If there is a multi-player project, like the city, do not contribute unless you have permission from the owner of the project.
    • Do not build very close to spawn, as spawn is a protected area that has its layout already planned.
    • Do not build roads that connect to the main roads. There is a mathematical system for building these, and only CAS should make them.
  9. Use commands responsibly.
    • Do not run dangerous commands such as killing all entities or clearing players’ inventories.
    • Only run a command if you are 100% sure of the outcome; experiment in singleplayer before destroying stuff by accident on the server.
    • Do not beg for command privileges, they are not a right.
  10. Be aware of the rules. Saying you “didn’t know” is not an excuse for rulebreaking behavior.

Survival Season Rules

The following additional rules only apply to Survival worlds. Read them if you plan to play on Survival.

  1. Do not use operator commands in Survival, ever. You are not supposed to have them.
  2. If someone has a shop, respect their signage and do not steal or under-pay.
  3. Do not destroy the landscape as a means of resource gathering, unless it’s approved.
  4. Trees should be fully chopped down and not left floating.
  5. Try not to let creepers explode near builds, and try to repair creeper holes when possible.
  6. If someone doesn’t want people entering their base, do not enter.
  7. X-Ray, FullBright, and other cheats are strictly prohibited, whether it is a client or texture pack or whatever.
  8. If an area is “claimed”, do not build there.
  9. Light up your mines. Don’t leave mines dark, even if you have OptiFine dynamic lighting.
  10. If KeepInventory is on, don’t use it to regenerate health or hunger.

Rules last updated 6/26/22 at 2:25 PM EDT