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Crazy ahh wip timeline


Awesome Realm was purchased on December 10th. It was originally a birthday present from my dad. The Realm was barely used until after spring 2017.


On my spring break, the floating island world was uploaded to the Realm, to play on with Ksmeegs.

Throughout 2017, more people joined, including ChefArmor, CashMoneyBoss, and Admiral Zoster. Builds such as the lighthouses and basketball court were built.

On my winter break, the castle world was uploaded to a second slot of the Realm to play on with Ksmeegs. This did not replace the first creative world until 2018.


During the summer, the Creative world got corrupted. People could no longer join. The Realm was switched to the castle world, which had a superflat area around it, ideal for building. Admiral Zoster and I built Dynamiteland as well as the beginning of a subway system.



In June, Will19 and I began a Survival world. We had one previously but it was only us. For this one, several of Will19’s friends were invited to the Realm. I had the idea to tell the other players such as ChefArmor and Admiral Zoster about the world, and many other people soon joined, creating the first Survival Season. This world was very exciting because there was a village at spawn which was newly revamped by the recent release of 1.14.

Activity on the Survival world sparked more activity on Creative. Some of Will’s friends joined that world too, and one of them made a giant crater which later became known as Bunker Basin.


In the summer, there was a lot of activity. The Season 2 player statues were built, as well as the Season 2 lighthouse, a massive lighthouse which served as a memorial of the corrupted Season 1 world. Pixelons built player statues of her and I. Eventually, an Admiral Zoster statue was added.


I started building a town along the edge of the flat area, with a pet shop and restaurant.


In November, Admiral Zoster began building a village around Bunker Basin. The lore of Survival Season 1 gave me the idea of extending it into Creative. I built a bunker for my lore company, G.O.S.O. and Admiral Zoster built one for his, S.T.A.R.S.

Despite its influence, Survival Season 1 was getting boring. Many people had operator commands, and it was easy to just /tp to anyone, restore lost items, and other things. Also, the currency system, Chuck Bucks, was a bit of a failure. We started Survival Season 3. However, it was not long-lasting. ChefArmor was not online when we started it, and he felt left out. Also, the seed was not very good, and there weren’t many active players. A griefing incident also discouraged further activity.

Survival Season 4 was started just a week after Season 3 (which was announced dead). The new world was a snowy tundra biome, and the new village variant was near spawn. Kelahn suggested that we use Discord, so I joined Discord and he created a server for us. Survival Season 4 felt like a brand new experience thanks to the use of Discord, and it stayed active.



The pandemic began, and we decided it was a good time to start a new Survival world, since Season 4 had gotten boring. Season 5 had a desert at spawn. This world’s launch event was very hype; it was the second one to be on Discord, and now I had a better handle on how Discord works. I created a desert temple base with ChefArmor, and other people moved into